American Studies | U.S. Arts & Media: Cultural Memory & Film Seminar
A202 | 28094 | Segal

MW, 2:30p-3:45p, BH247
M, 7:15-10:15p, BH236 (Film)

Instructor: Shira Segal,

This course examines the construction and transmission of cultural
memory through the film medium. Photographs, documentaries, fictional
dramas, and even the Internet will function as our archive. What role
does photography and film in particular play in the creation and
maintenance of collective and individual identity, and how does
heritage and memory studies intersect with our visual landscape and
lived/remembered sense of meaning? Memory here is explored not only
as a narrative device but also as an important trope in contemporary
storytelling that influences film reception and shapes meaning. As a
metaphor for memory, how do photography and the film forum itself
replace, construct, or become part of, memory, and to what ends?
Trauma, childhood, sexuality, war and memorialization will be
studied, along with song, poetry, and other celebrations of private
identity and public memory.