American Studies | Topics in Interdisciplinary AMST: Place, CuIture, Prison: the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
A350 | 12996 | Seigel

Instructor: Micol Seigel

This course is part of the Prison Exchange.
F, 8a - 1:30p at the Prison
9:30a-12:30p on select Fridays, the course will meet on campus, ED1084

designed to bring together, as peers, students enrolled as
undergraduates in a university and incarcerated students.  By opening
space for communication across profound social barriers, the course
provides opportunities for all students to confront fears, explode
stereotypes, present themselves and meet others openly, and generate
unexpected insight.  This iteration of the program explores issues
and questions involving space, place, culture, and the role of
prisons in American society today.  Through reading, writing,
encounter, discussion, and in collaborative projects, students will
consider the purpose and function of incarceration, the geography of
control and surveillance, prison in popular culture, myths and
realities of life in prison, and possibilities for reform and