American Studies | Perspectivies in AMST
G604 | 12997 | Halloran

CMLT-C 641/ AMST-A 604
American Communities:  a Survey of Ethnic Studies Theory

Professor:  Vivian Nun Halloran

TR 9:30-10:45 BH221

This class examines how various different ethnic groups theorize what
it means to belong simultaneously to various communities defined by
ethnic, racial, linguistic, gender and class interests.  Throughout
the semester, we will read works that seek to define the
multidisciplinary approach and innovative methodologies that scholars
have developed to study ethnicity, identity and belonging.  The
survey approach will provide a framework for comparison as well as an
understanding of the commonalities and differences ethnic studies
scholars identify between their work and that of their peers.  By
reading these texts in light of each other, our class will develop a
more nuanced understanding of the plurality of communities that make
up the United States of America as a nation state, a republic made up
of 50 states, an imagined community, an ideological space, and a
social network. Students will be required to write a formal book
review and show proof that it has been submitted for publication.
They will also have to apply some of the ethnic studies theory
discussed in class in a formal, interdisciplinary essay focusing on
their own area of specialization.

*This class will cover material from the assigned list of readings
for students pursuing a combined PhD with American Studies.