American Studies | Colloquium in AMST-Carceral Space, Prison Culture
G620 | 15960 | Seigel

AMST G620, “Carceral Space, Prison Culture”

This course is part of the "Inside Out" Prison program.

Instructor:  Micol Seigel

Course description:  As the U.S. prison system has mushroomed over
the past quarter-century, scholars in a range of fields have turned
their attention to mass incarceration.  Despite a beginning that
seemed not to include this focus in its mandate, American Studies
over the last decade has increasingly hosted disciplinarily diverse
work on the U.S.’s increasingly carceral society.  This emergent
field draws from American studies’ long-standing interest and
expertise in diagnosing structures of race, class, and power; the
equally strong traditions of analysis of popular and subgroup
culture; and more recently, the sophisticated analyses of space under
development in radical geography.  This course will sample some of
this (loosely defined) field’s influential, provocative, productive,
and exciting work on prison systems in the era of mass
incarceration.  Students will engage in graduate-level analysis of
full-length monographs and formal academic essays, writing book
reviews and a final paper.  The course will meet alongside AMST A350,
the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, a class held at the medium-
security Putnamville Correctional Facility and including in its
student body IU graduate students, IU undergraduate students, and
incarcerated students.  For logistical information, see description
for AMST A350.