American Studies | Colloquium in AMST: American Borderlands, Boundaries, and Frontiers
G620 | 31176 | Nieto-Phillips

Thurs, 5-7p, Ballantine 335

Meets with LATS-L601

This course will examine dynamic trends in North American borderlands
scholarship.  Not confined solely to the US-Mexico region, “American
borderlands” entail zones of contact throughout North America which
have served as boundaries and frontiers of contestation and exchange
between groups of people—including, the US-Canadian, Pacific
Northwest, U.S. South and Caribbean regions. In recent years,
scholars (of multiple disciplinary orientations) have produced works
grounded in indigenous, imperial, transnational, inter-racial, and
continental perspectives.  We’ll explore recent monographs and
articles that expand the field’s conceptual, methodological, and
disciplinary frameworks. This course will also involve a series of
visiting lectures by leading borderlands scholars from US