Anthropology | Women's bodies
B400 | 31006 | --

Course Description: As members of the same species, all human females
share a similar morphology and physiology. But similarity is not
identity. Using evolutionary and anthropological approaches (life
history theory, biocultural models, demography), this course will
consider the extent and causes of variation among women and across
populations in biological form and functioning from menarche through
menopause, and the consequences of this variation for women’s health
and well being. Students will gain a solid foundation in the
physiology of women’s bodies and an appreciation of the influence of
cultural traditions and practices in modifying biology and shaping a
woman’s experience of her own body.  Topics include dietary practices,
eating disorders, activity patterns and exercise, breasts, religion,
mass media, sexuality, western and non-western medical practices,
violence, work, and menopause.