Anthropology | Nutritional Anthropology
B545 | 28103 | Wiley

This course will take a biocultural approach to the study of diet and
nutrition.  We will explore the biological and material basis of diet
and the biological consequences of dietary choices, and how these are
also related to cultural variability in food use.  The course will
start with an overview of basic concepts in nutrition, including
methods that anthropologists use to assess dietary intake and
nutritional status.  We will consider contemporary critiques of
nutrition in the context of the U.S. dietary environment, the role of
diet in human evolution, how diet may contribute to biological
variation among humans, and the adaptive significance of food
processing.  We will then consider how foods have become globalized,
and how political, economic, and cultural factors influence
nutritional outcomes (e.g. under- or overconsumption) and the
construction of food and nutrition policies related to those outcomes.
*this course fulfills the requirements for a nutrition course for
graduate students in the Anthropology of Food concentration