Anthropology | Global Jazz, Reggae, & Hip-Hop
E208 | 28104 | Sterling

With focus on jazz, Jamaican music and hip-hop, “Global Jazz, Reggae
and Hip-Hop” links the creation and consumption of black music around
the world to issues of social identity.  Among the aspects of social
identity considered are race, nation, ethnicity, religion, class and
gender.  The course will identify some performative features of these
musical genres as reflections of the particular communities that
produced them, and also explores broader national responses to these
genres.  The course focuses on the music’s global spread, on how these
genres’ circulation within and beyond the African diaspora affords
insight into the receiving societies (for example, reggae in Japan as
opportunity to explore Japanese attitudes toward race).  The course
uses readings and assignments to introduce students to ethnographic
research, that is, research based on an extended period of fieldwork
within a given community.  Among the regions discussed in the course
are North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.