Anthropology | Res Design in Hum Environment Res
E620 | 28552 | Moran

Goals of the course:  This is a Research Design course, thus the focus
is on: 1) Preparing a competitive research proposal that can be
submitted to an agency or foundation that supports research on the
human dimensions of global change;  2) Understanding how social
scientists and environmental scientists reconcile their traditional
methods of site-specific research with the demands of regional and
global questions being asked; and 3. Covering major statements by
expert panels, critique this agenda and explore how to link questions
of local and regional interest within this agenda.  Four drafts of a
proposal are prepared during the course, and each is critiqued in
detail before the next draft is prepared. Fulfillment of all
requirements of a funding agency such as NSF are required so that
students are prepared in short order to submit their work to an
agency. The course is ideal for second or third year graduate students
who have picked their dissertation topic.