Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 15723 | Bender, A

BIOL-L104:  Inquiring about Cancer Research

This course is for inquiring about, analyzing, discussing, and
writing about published cancer research, such as research geared
toward 1) elucidating the nature, and identifying causes, of
cancers; 2) identifying and quantifying risk factors for cancers;
and 3) developing and testing detection methods, diagnostic
procedures, and treatments for cancers.

There will be little to no traditional lecturing.  Much class time
will instead be used for small-group and whole-class discussion,
particularly for discussion of experiments and studies that students
have identified and judge to be particularly interesting and/or

The syllabus for this course will be similar to that for the fall,
2010 version of it.  That syllabus can be found at the following

Students are expected to work at least 4.5 hours outside of class
each week for this course.