Biology | Molecular Biology
L211 | 14073 | Pomerening, J

The fundamental basis for life on our planet begins at the atomic
and molecular levels. Because of this, Molecular Biology is the
foundation for all biological disciplines, from studies focused on
the level of macromolecules such as nucleic acids and protein, up to
cell biology, plant and animal physiology, medicine, and as
expansive as population and ecological biology. Virtually all fields
of basic biological research and the biomedical sciences include
some component of molecular biology. My objective is to help you not
just be able to recall certain details and facts about this topic,
but for you to gain a solid understanding of this discipline so you
can build up from the most basic sets of principles or “rules”; to
first own them, and then be able to apply them synthetically to
solve problems. My responsibility is to assist you in this process
is help you translate this information, and to convey how aspects of
molecular biology are relevant and apply to real life. We will be
focusing on molecular components and processes including DNA
replication and repair, the transcription and translation of genetic
information, as well as many other aspects of gene regulation and
expression, as well as the use of model systems and experimental
methodologies. You will be expected to understand the central
principals that govern the production of biological macromolecules,
to know the structures and functions of the key players, to be
familiar with how these components interact, and to be able to apply
this knowledge to problem solve. How do biological molecules make us
what we are? By the end of this course, you should be well versed in
the fundamental aspects of molecular biology, and be comfortable and
successful in applying this knowledge in more advanced biology
courses, and beyond!

This class requires evening exams from 7-9p on Wed, Feb 2, Mar 2,
and Apr 6 (review sessions will be held 7-9p the evening prior to
exams). No alternative exam times are offered, so students must make
arrangements with other courses if an exam conflict arises. All
students are strongly recommended to attend a 50 min supplementary
instruction section once per week starting between 5-6p (official
time to be determined) on either Thursdays or Mondays. Room and AI
assignments for those sections will be made accordingly during the
first week of class