Biology | Genetics
L311 | 6091 | Hanratty, P

Course Format:  Lectures:  12:20-1:10 pm, MWF, BH 013,  plus one
required (50 minute) learning group meeting per week.

Requirements:  P:  Biol L211 or S211.  Students are required to
attend a one-hour per week learning group (times to be arranged
during the first week of classes). Class requires evening exams from
7-9 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, March 2nd, and April 6th.

Course Description:  Analysis of genetic and developmental processes
that lead to the construction of whole organisms, and to the
transmission to their offspring of specific genetic traits.
Includes principles of genetics, chromosomal abnormalities, gene
mapping and recombination in bacteria, molecular genetics, and
analysis of mutations affecting development.

Required Text: An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 9th Ed., by
Anthony J. F. Griffiths, Susan R. Wessler, Richard C. Lewontin, and
S. Carroll. 2008, W. H. Freeman and Co., New York.

Exams/Papers:  Three exams (given in the evenings during a two-hour
time period from 7-9 pm Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, March 2nd, and April
6th, plus a comprehensive final exam. One required genetics
worksheet per week, plus several written reflection assignments
during the semester.