Biology | Biology of the Cell
L330 | 6100 | Ruesink, A

L330 Biology of the Cell.   Al Ruesink, instructor.   This course is
for nonmajors but assumes some background in college chemistry and
college biology.  Students enroll from many majors in the College of
Arts and Sciences, from the School of Education, and from HPER,
especially from nutrition and dietetics programs.  We deal with
various aspects of bacterial and eukaryote cell biology, considering
such things as biological molecules, enzyme activity and regulation,
structure and function of membranes, structure and activity of
cellular organelles, mitosis and the cell cycle, cellular
respiration, photosynthesis, microscopy, chromatography,
centrifugation, nerves, hormones, molecular genetics, digestion,
cancer, and immunology.  The course grade is based on three hour
exams and the comprehensive final exam.