Biology | Heredity Evolution and Society
L369 | 15508 | Raff, E

Online course description - Spring 2011
Biology L369 - Heredity, Evolution and Society
Elizabeth C. Raff

One hundred years and fifty years after the publication of The
Origin of Species, all of the evidence that Darwin himself presented
and all of the massive accumulation of new data since then
demonstrate the evolution of life on earth.  In this course we will
explore what it means to be human in the modern world, in light of
our evolutionary relationship to all of life on earth.  This course
is designed to enable students without science backgrounds to
understand the basic processes involved in inheritance and
evolutionary change, and apply this knowledge to develop an
understanding of the origins of human nature and modern society.  We
will consider many interesting and thought-provoking examples both
from humans and other animals.  Students will have the opportunity
to explore readings about science from both the scientific
literature and the popular press and news.