Biology | Co-Evolution-Humans and Diseases
L410 | 17763 | Wade, M

Biol. 410: The co-evolution of humans and disease

Place and Time: BH 149, 2:30-3:45PM Tuesday and Thursday.

Instructor: Michael J. Wade (856-4680;

Course Description: This course will examine Darwinian evolution as
the organizing principle in biology with many practical consequences
for the real-world. Natural selection is not the only evolutionary
force, however, there are many other forces, including random ones
like mutation and genetic drift, which influence evolution. In
addition, there are many different forms of natural selection,
including positive, negative and balancing selection. In this
course, we will examine how evolution by natural selection has left
its footprint on the gene sequences of humans and some of their
pathogens (e.g., Human immunodeficiency virus and Yersinia pestis,
plague). From these footprints, we can often determine what kind of
natural selection was working. We will also investigate the light
that modern evolutionary genetics can shed on human origins and the
evolutionary history of our species.