Biology | Bacterial Pathogenesis
Z620 | 15674 | Marketon, M

Z620: Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis

Duration: First 5 weeks of the Spring semester, 2011.

Course description: In general, this course will cover numerous
aspects of bacterial pathogenesis with the specific topics changing
from year to year.  This year, topics will focus on type III
secretion, such as: comparing and contrasting models of type III
secretion for animal and plant pathogens, building the injectisome,
regulation of type III secretion, recognition of secretion
substrates, and roles of secretion substrates in pathogenesis. We
will focus on the primary literature, and although we will cover the
basics of type III secretion, students will also have a role in
determining the specific topics for discussion. The course will
involve instructor lectures as well as student presentations and