Biology | Research Appro and Writing in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior
Z620 | 18261 | Moyle, L

Z620: Research approaches and writing in EEB
Instructor: Leonie Moyle
Organization: 3 credit class; Twice weekly meetings (MW 10:00A-
11:45A) during Spring 2011 semester Open to graduate students only

This new course will provide a ‘skills-based’ approach to thinking
about planning and evaluating research in EEB, with a specific focus
on demystifying the process of writing research proposals, reviews,
and papers. One emphasis will be on critically evaluating the
process of designing, interpreting, and proposing research projects.
To do so, the course will cover a broad sampling of research
techniques and empirical approaches commonly used in EEB studies.
These approaches could include crossing designs, field experiments,
spatial genetic data, and more; I am open to covering topics that
are of specific interest to the group.
Where possible, we will use historical and modern citation classics
from the EEB literature to introduce and illustrate these techniques
and approaches, and to discuss effective (and less effective)
strategies for scientific design and writing.

Assessment will include at least three written pieces, the major one
of which will be in the format of a Doctoral Dissertation
Improvement Grant.