Criminal Justice-COLL | Alternative Social Control Systems
P202 | 6738 | Sales

P202, Alternative Social Control Systems--Law is the fundamental
fabric that holds our society together, while behavioral and social
science allows us to study and understand human behavior. This
course introduces students to the structure of American law,
including its three branches of government: the Legislative,
Executive and Judicial.  It unpacks what is law, legal systems and
legal processes; how they interact to create our systems of social
control; and how behavioral and social science can be and is being
used to understand human behavior within the fabric of law. Through
discussion of original readings, this course allows students to
appreciate why law and its alternative systems of social control are
so important for non-lawyers to continuously scrutinize.

Readings:  Sales, B. D. & Findley, J. D. (2010). The Science of
Law.  Book available on the course’s Oncourse website.

Class Meeting:  Monday and Wednesday, 11:15-12:05, and one 50-minute
discussion section per week.

Distribution Credit:  S & H

Instructor:  Bruce Sales, Virginia L. Roberts Professor, Department
of Criminal Justice