Criminal Justice-COLL | Crime and Madness
P415 | 11638 | Deaton

In ever larger numbers each year, many of those with serious mental
illnesses end up in the criminal justice system. In this class we
will explore the clinical and legal aspects of law and psychiatry as
a way to understand both why this phenomenon happens and how the
legal system deals with these individuals.  We begin by looking at
the symptoms of and treatments for major mental illnesses.  We next
examine civil commitment laws, followed by the laws of criminal
competency, insanity, and execution of those with diminished
capacity.  In our last section, we will look at the legal
ramifications of psychiatric disorders that are not as “flagrant” as–
yet no less debilitating than–the most severe disorders.

Class meeting:  Monday, 2:30-5:00

Instructor: Rodney Deaton, criminal justice department