Criminal Justice-COLL | Field Experience in Criminal Justice
P481 | 6752 | Head

The internship program provides an opportunity for students to gain
practical experience working in a criminal justice or related social
service agency.  Examples of internship agencies include the Monroe
County Probation Department, the Monroe County Prosecutorís Office,
Middleway House, and Indiana University Police Department.
Internships with local agencies are typically arranged by the
internship coordinators.  Students are encouraged to arrange
internships with agencies in their home towns if they are planning
to be away from campus during the summer.

Readings:  Agency Materials

Prerequisites:  To be eligible for an internship a student must have
enough credit hours to be considered at junior, and a student must
complete the core requirements for the Criminal Justice major (P100,
P200, P202, P290).  Student must be in good academic standing with
the university, and student cannot have any outstanding legal
problems with the justice system.

Requirements:  In order to be considered for an internship, students
should pick up an application from either of the Criminal Justice
Department advisors, who will confirm that the student is in good
academic standing with the university and has completed the core
requirements for a Criminal Justice major.  Student should complete
the application, providing a ranking of local agencies listed, and
return application to Professor Bill Head in Sycamore 303A during
regular office hours.  Students enrolled in internships for 3 credit
hours should complete a total of 150 hours of work for the agency
(average of 10-12 hours per week).  Students enrolled in internship
for 6 credit hours should complete a total of 300 hours of work for
the agency (average of 20-22 hours per week).  Agencies are usually
willing to arrange your work schedule so that you will not have
conflict with other classes.  In addition to the weekly work hours,
interns enrolled in 3 credit hours must write an 8-10 page paper at
the conclusion of their internship which analyzes the practicum
experience.  Interns enrolled in 6 credit hours must write an 18-20
page paper.  Guidelines for the internship paper are provided in the

Class Meeting: Arranged (with agency)

Authorization Required from internship coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE:  All efforts will be made to allow the student to
register for P481 Internship during the Continuing Student
Registration process.  However, some internships cannot be arranged
this far in advance due to agency considerations.  After the
internship has been confirmed by the agency, the student may have to
add the course via Continuing Schedule Adjustment.

Instructor:  Professor Bill Head, Criminal Justice Department.