Collins Living Learning Center | The Art of Character Design
L100 | 12023 | Avi Katz

In this course we will examine what makes a good character designer
and what makes a character well designed. The course will touch upon
the essentials of character design, and explore the thought process
that goes on behind the scenes to create memorable characters like
Mickey Mouse, Superman or Woody. We will learn why we like certain
characters and why we dislike others. What makes one character cute
while the other seems to be goofy. How do we make multiple character
designs relate to one another in the same movie?  What are the
conventions in character design and what happens when we play around
with them? This course is a hands-on course but no real artistic
background is required, only passion and imagination. At the end of
this course we will showcase on campus outstanding character designs
made by students in class.