Collins Living Learning Center | Speculative Fiction Writing
L200 | 15708 | Darja Malcolm-Clarke

Ever thought about writing speculative fiction?  Fantasy and science fiction are the literature
of dreams and ideas—the stage where the future, the re-imagined past and present, and
impossible otherworlds play out.  Indeed, the literary conventions of speculative fiction depart
notably from those of realist fiction in several key ways.  This course will introduce student
writers to the universal basics of story craft such as plot, character, and style; it will also
explore the conventions specific to speculative fiction such as world building and developing
character in fantastical/science fictional settings.  Students will write and revise short stories,
critique their peers’ work, complete instructive writing exercises, and read illustrative short
stories by speculative fiction greats.   Later in the semester we will take up an analytical lens
and pose the question, what are we saying through our fiction?   No prior fiction writing
experience required—only an enthusiasm for the speculative in fiction.