Collins Living Learning Center | Eating Your Words
L200 | 28680 | Patrick Coleman

Three times a day (and usually more), food creates the bond between the individual and the
world.  We will investigate the ways in which food is written about, thought about, and what
roles it plays in our everyday and literary lives.  We will read about food (poetry, non-fiction,
fiction), we will eat food and we will talk to local experts on food.  We will also write about
food: stories, poems, and essays, before composing a sustained final project in a single
genre.  We will consider how to move from inspiration to selecting a genre to work in, and
how form affects content.  You will receive feedback on how to develop your writing, both
from the group and from me. Open to all experience levels—we’re going to learn by doing
here.  Our shared touchstone will be how to make food a living, dynamic part of our writing