Collins Living Learning Center | Pain, Death and the Law
L320 | 28159 | Michelle Brown

From “death panels” to “death chambers,” Guantanamo to Everest, the relationship between
pain, death, death and the law is ever present in American social and public life.  This course
takes these intersections as its focal point while expressing a fundamental commitment to the
study of law and society from a liberal arts perspective.  What happens when law’s
monstrousness outweighs its majesty – when law dispenses pain rather than prohibiting it?  In
pursuing this question, we will rely upon an approach which complements the aims of pre-
law programs and law schools across the United States and deploys all the tools of the social
sciences and the humanities in an interdisciplinary mission to fully understand the nature of
law and its unprecedented roles in contemporary societies.  The course requires a midterm
and final examination, a series of short written assignments, and community observations.