Communication and Culture | Public Speaking
C121 | ALL | Smith, C.

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Course Director: Cynthia Duquette Smith
Office: C2 221
Phone: 855-5307

C121 at Indiana University is a contemporary course in the ancient
and practical art of rhetoric. It is founded on the premise that
rhetorical action (including the focus of our course, public
speaking) is public action. It is a course designed to help you
recognize situations in which your rhetorical action can contribute
to the well-being of a community. Each assignment and speech is an
opportunity to engage a rhetorical situation in order to (1) create
an audience out of a collection of individuals and (2) invite that
audience to understand something in a particular way or motivate
them to help resolve some problem about which you think they should
be concerned. As a contemporary student of this ancient and
practical art, you face some of the same challenges that students
have faced in similar courses that have been taught for over 2,000
years. We believe you'll find these challenges personally,
intellectually, and professionally rewarding.

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Service Learning Section (#6815)

Public speaking with a twist; a unique and creative twist that takes
an expanded perspective of how the art of public oratory can be
employed beyond the college campus and boardrooms.  In this section
of C121, we consider public address, theatre, journalism, and
community organizing as concepts in which performance, curiosity,
and public speaking can be service learning.  As a class, we will
work in various locations, studying the facets of public address,
and applying them in non-classroom settings for working in the