Communication and Culture | Speech Composition
C323 | 11152 | Rudy, J

CMCL-C 323: Speech Composition
Class Number: 11152

TuTh, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, TE F256

Prerequisite: CMCL-C 121 Public Speaking
Fulfills College A&H Requirement

Instructor: Jessica Rudy
Office: C2 216
Phone: 855-6405

In this course, students will read and discuss theories of rhetoric
and democracy in an effort to conceive of speech writing as an act
of citizenship.  In the first part of the semester, we examine and
interrogate pre-modern theories of rhetoric from Aristotle, Cicero,
and the Sophistic tradition.  In the second part, we discuss
contemporary elements of political culture including the
intersections of politics and entertainment, online public forums,
social networking media, and various possibilities for a quotidian
or “everyday” notion of democratic engagement. During the semester,
students will present two speeches advocating for a non-profit
organization of their choice, framing involvement in these
organizations as a form of civic action.  Though the first speech
should be designed as a typical oration, students may choose to work
in groups and produce a creative project for the second.  For
example, they may choose to make a film, compose a performance
piece, or design a website in order to advocate for their
organization.  Students will also turn in several short writing
assignments designed to prepare them for these speeches, post bi-
weekly responses in online reading forums, and take a final exam.
This course is especially relevant to students with academic or
personal interests in advocacy, social justice, and political