Communication and Culture | Motion Picture Production
C360 | 6871 | Lahey, M

CMCL-C 360: Motion Picture Production
Class Number: 6871

MW, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, C2 102

Requires authorization from Film Studies: (812) 855-1072
Requires special fee

Instructor: Michael Lahey
Office: C2 214
Phone: 856-5367

This class is a hands-on introduction to the technical and aesthetic
basics of making l6mm silent films.  Students learn how to design,
direct, light, shoot, and edit several short films working
individually as well as in groups.

In one semester you will learn and practice how to produce, shoot,
and edit a short film.  You will become familiar with the basics of
treatment and script writing, cinematography and lighting, and even
animation and sound.  While it helps to have had some experience
with still photography, super-8, or video production, no experience
is required to complete this course successfully and come away with
one or two completed projects to show to others.  However, because
this is an elementary film class, we cannot produce any complicated
or involved projects.  For example, you cannot make a lip-sync sound
film or a lengthy documentary.  Basically, you will be making short
silent films; cassette tape soundtracks (music or a voice-over) are