Communication and Culture | Media Genres (Topic: Rethinking Genre in New Media Contexts)
C392 | 17126 | Bakioglu, B.

TuTh, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, SE 105

Fulfills College A&H Requirement

Instructor: Burcu S. Bakioglu

Traditionally, genres have been defined as groups of texts that have
specific features, specific purposes, and inspire (or create)
certain types of action. However, as we will see throughout the
semester, it has become difficult to define what a genre is or even
be able to rigidly assign works as “belonging” to a particular
genre. No doubt, as a result of emerging media (such as mobile
technologies, social media, Internet, virtual worlds, and gaming)
alternative forms of works are emerging, and with it, the familiar
categories of analysis are undergoing a dramatic transformation.
While this course primarily assumes the task of teasing out the
particular sets of “rules” or expectations of form, presentation, or
content attached to genres, it ultimately explores how these rules
are negotiated as a result of new media. Such negotiations bring
about alternative forms of works and a renewed understanding of
media production processes. Accordingly, the course will look at
some of the long-standing genres such as Film Noir and Horror as
well as works such as Lost, The Blair Witch, Lonelygirl15, The
Guild, and virtual worlds to examine the ways in which these works
re-contextualize the traditional categories that have been assigned
to media texts.


Because the subject-matter of this class is media genres in new
media contexts, students will be required to spend a lot of time
online, reading various blogs, online newspapers, going through
video content in video-sharing sites in addition to the readings on
the course package. Students will also be required to blogs.

I will set up a class Wiki at
index.php.  In this Wiki, you will find our syllabus, class
requirements, additional background information that will help you
understand your readings, useful URLs to online articles, Web sites,
and movies. Students are expected to register at this Wiki and use
it to get updates on the course, participate in the forums by
answering the weekly questions I post online, and read background
materials. Study questions will be added on the class forums on a
weekly basis to assist you in our readings. They will also be
expected to blog about the readings on a weekly basis. There will
also be a take home midterm and a final paper in this course.