Communication and Culture | Media Genres (Film Essays and Film Diaries)
C392 | 28692 | Malitsky,J

CMCL-C 392: Media Genres
(Topic: Film Essays and Film Diaries)
Class Number: 28692

TuTh, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, C2 203
Required film screening: Tu, 7:15 PM-10:15 PM, SY 200

Fulfills College A&H Requirement

Instructor: Josh Malitsky
Office: C2 217
Phone: 856-0405

For a film practice often thought to be focused on the objective
representation of the historical world, documentary has, throughout
its history, demonstrated an affinity for styles that celebrate the
subjective aspects of non-fiction representation. This course will
focus on two examples of that tradition: the diary film and the
essay film.  Each of these sub-genres differently highlights the
role of the self.  Whether it is the centering of the (perhaps
private) self in the diary film or the negotiating of the role of
self in relation to public discourse more common to the essay film,
these film and video practices explore the ranges of non-fiction
forms, topics, and arguments.  This course will examine these
traditions, the ideas on which they are based, and their development
in different media technologies.