Communication and Culture | Topics in Media History ( Lesbian and Gay Film History)
C420 | TBA | Doty, A

CMCL-C 420: Topics in Media History
(Topic: Lesbian and Gay Film History)
Class Number: TBA

Meeting time/location TBA, check online Schedule of Classes for
updated information

Fulfills College S&H Requirement

Instructor: Alex Doty
Office: C2 251
Phone: 856-4928

While homosexuality has been represented connotatively in film since
its beginnings, the clear and open representation of male and female
homosexuality dates from the 1910s with films such as Anders als die
Andern (Different from the Others).  This course will consider the
history of implicit and explicit lesbian and gay representation in
film, as well as the somewhat overlapping history of lesbian and gay
filmmaking (that is, films made by queer women and men).  Among the
topics covered with reference to lesbian and gay film history will
be filmmaking in Weimar Germany, American Underground films, Lesbian
Cultural Feminist films, HIV/AIDS films, New Queer Cinema, horror
films, and the films of directors such as Dorothy Arzner, James
Whale, R.W. Fassbinder, Pedro Almodovar, Todd Haynes, Sadie Benning,
and Barbara Hammer.  There will be a weekly screening for this
course.  Among the films screened will be Madchen in Uniform, Dottie
Gets Spanked, Boys in the Band, The Killing of Sister George, Desert
Hearts, The Bride of Frankenstein, Un Chant d’amour, Rope, Law of
Desire, The Vampire Lovers, Queen Christina, Tongues Untied, Happy
Together, Philadelphia, The Living End, Go Fish, Brokeback Mountain,
and Watermelon Woman.  Coursework will include two short papers (2-3
pages), two 6-7 page papers, a midterm exam, and a final exam.