Communication and Culture | Documentary Filmmaking: Theory and Practice
C435 | 15482 | Jones, J

CMCL-C 435: Documentary Filmmaking: Theory and Practice
Class Number: 15482

Tu, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM, C2 102
Th, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM, C2 100

Requires authorization: (812) 855-2367
Requires special fee

Prerequisite: CMCL-C 335 or CMCL-C 360 or TEL-T 238 or equivalent
Must have at least junior standing

Instructor: Jennifer Jones
Office: C2 281
Phone: 856-3405

What makes a documentary a documentary?

Subject matter?
Narrative structure?
Stylistic or technical features?
The use of stories from real people and actuality?

How different is nonfiction really from fiction?

The course will explore these and other questions as it traces the
history and theory of documentary film practice through discussion
and production.  We will study the major Western modes of
documentary production through screenings and readings, and we will
engage the styles discussed in a series of hands-on exercises.  The
course will thus be an intense seminar combining theoretical and
practical aspects, with the goal of gaining a critical understanding
of the fundamental concepts in documentary production.  Assignments
will include two main production projects, two analytical papers,
and a documentary philosophy statement.  Production work will be
completed in HDV format.

Textbooks available at Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St., 339-8710,
Rabiger, Michael.  Directing the Documentary, Fifth Edition. Oxford:
Focal Press, 2009.
Nichols, Bill. Introduction to Documentary. Bloomington, IN: Indiana
University Press, 2001.