Communication and Culture | Seminar in Media (Race and Media)
C793 | 30195 | Bowdre, K

CMCL-C 793: Seminar in Media
(Topic: Race and Media)
Class Number: 30195

Tu, 4:00 PM-6:30 PM, C2 272
Required film screening: M, 7:15 PM-10:15 PM, SY 105

Meets with AAAD-A 697
Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Karen Bowdre
Office: C2 235
Phone: 855-0530

This course is a survey of American media from the late nineteenth
century to the present.  The central focus of the class will be an
investigation of race and representation in American culture.  One
of the key issues we will examine is how stereotypes circulate in
American culture and how and if these images alter over time.  We
will also interrogate politics, history and culture of the United
States and how these topics are complicated by the issues such as
whiteness, racial categories and identity formation.  The
interaction between movies and other forms of popular culture such
as music, television will also be considered.  This class will also
engage with historical and contemporary debates on the construction
and representation of race and identity in the media.  Our analysis
will employ theoretical discourses from cultural studies, critical
race theory, and feminist film theory.