Comparative Literature | Major Themes in Literature: Lost and Found
C146 | ALL | J. Johnson

3 cr
See Schedule for Times
This course meets with CMLT-BE 146
Carries A&H and CS Distribution Credit

A young lover crosses three continents and an ocean to find his
beloved. A husband returning from the Trojan War discovers the wife
he didn't know he had lost.  A shipwrecked traveler stumbles upon a
scientific freak-show he never could have imagined. And a young man
goes in search of the truth behind Egypt's "heretic pharaoh." These
are the leading characters we will meet this semester as we read
tales of loss, quests, elusive goals, and unexpected revelations.
All sections will read four texts in common: Euripides' Helen,
Voltaire's Candide, H. G. Well's The Island of Doctor Moreau, and
Akhenaten by Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz. Each section will
read additional works unique to that section that may include short
stories, poetry, novels, and drama. Individual sections may also
include television, art, music, and film.

This course continues to develop the skills in critical thinking,
clear communication, and persuasive composition begun in the fall
semester with BE-145. The workload includes three essays, mid-term
and final exams, as well as shorter writing assignments. For
composition credit, students must take BE-145 in the fall semester.
Both BE-145 and BE-146 are automatically bundled with English W-143
(a one credit hour course) to certify composition credit.