Comparative Literature | Detective, Mystery and Horror Literature: The Gothic's Better Half: The Vampire
C217 | 35229 | A. Bashi

3 cr
2nd 8-wks only
MW 4:00 pm -6:30 pm
Fulfills A & H Distribution Credit

The becoming-literature of the Vampire-myth is the subject of this
class. For the Vampire did at a certain point become literature (we
will begin just before), and since then has become music and film
and even, for some, a way of life, and a new mythology. Literature
(including what we will read for this class: the two plays, the two
libretti, two novels, two films, a graphic-novel, and some poetry)
will come to mean more to us than some stepping-stone to an eventual
re-cycling of myth; although that, too, will be some part of our

Making myth historical, literature is contextualized by various
specific cultural, social and political demands/expectations;
fulfillment of these demands/expectations initiates the return to
myth-it initiates the return of the Vampire.

Some topics to be considered with regards to the Vampire: geography
('races' and homelands: lairs, clans, bloodlines), literary history
(the motivated transformation witnessed in our trip down vampire-
lane), theology (Christianity, Neo-Paganism: crime, redemption,
immortality), freedom vs. slavery (Death is the Absolute-Master: are
we the slaves of our souls, of life, of obsession and addictive
desire?), all tightly nested in our texts; also, everywhere, the
erotic (vampire-love) and the neurotic (vampire-love).

Ideas and relevant facts will be introduced in class. All texts in
English. No prerequisites. Two papers and weekly short writing
assignments. -ASB  Ahmed Bashi (