Comparative Literature | Intro to East Asian Poetry
C265 | 16491 | K. Tsai

3 cr
Meets TR 2:30 - 3:45 pm
Fulfills A&H and CS Distribution Credit

This course explores the classical poetic tradition of
China and its influence on Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.
We aim to develop sensitivity to literary language and
to understand Asian poetry within its literary and
cultural contexts. How does poetry in East Asia serve
as a medium for self-expression as well as a means for
political engagement and even spiritual cultivation?
Why does love poetry focus on loss or longing to the
exclusion of consummation? What is Zen poetry all
about, and why is it so short? Close reading and
literary analysis are supplemented with composition
exercises to develop a greater sense of form and style.
Comparison with the Western tradition will enable us
to examine the place of lyric poetry in world literature.
While the volume of reading is not high, poetry does
demand a great deal of attention and concentration.
All readings will be in English translation.