Comparative Literature | Topics in Yiddish Literature: Fantasy, Realism, & Fiction in Early Modern and Modern 'Classic' Yiddish
C377 | 28185 | D. Kerler

3 cr
Meets 2nd 8-weeks only
Meets MW 4:00 - 6:30 pm
Class Meets with GER-E351 and GER-Y505
Fulfills CS and A&H distribution Credit

Selected topics focusing on Yiddish fiction and drama (1810-1914) or
twentieth-century Yiddish fiction, drama, and poetry.  Taught in
English.  No prior knowledge of Yiddish required.  Topics vary.  May
be repeated with a different topic for maximum of 6 credit hours for
any combination of C377, GER-E351, and GER-Y300.  Prerequisites:
C205 or 3 credit hours of literature.