College of Arts and Sciences | From Witches to Terrorists
E103 | 11589 | Breithaupt

COLL-E 103 11589 From Witches to Terrorists (Breithaupt F) (A & H) (3 cr.)
10:10AM - 11:00AM MW
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Infanticide in 1780, crimes of passion in 1900, and terrorism in the
1990s, what do they have in common? Each of these crimes was the
obsession of public attention at certain points in history. This
course will examine why certain crimes draw such attention at certain
times while others do not and how those crimes relate to the
symbolical values and institutions that organize a society. In this
course, we will work historically by looking at the notorious crimes
of the past, including crimes related to gender, race, drugs, and
abnormal psychological states, and will end with our contemporary
situation in the U.S. In all cases, we will carefully examine
highly interesting works of literature, film, and popular culture from
various eras that display the notorious crime of its time. Students
are expected to write a short essay every two or three
weeks and a final essay project.  Classroom activities will include
debates, role play games, and prepared discussions.