College of Arts and Sciences | The Death Penalty in America
E104 | 16508 | Sandys

COLL-E 104 16508 The Death Penalty in America (Sandys M) (S & H) (3 cr.)
9:05AM  9:55AM TR
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In our current legal system, the death penalty is presented as the
ultimate punishment for the ultimate offense. This course considers
whether the application of the death penalty in America meets that
standard. In particular, the class will be guided by the following
types of questions: What crimes are eligible for the sentence of
death? How are decisions made about who receives a sentence of death?
Is there racism in our system of capital punishment? Why are people in
favor of or opposed to capital punishment? What role does possible
incentive have in discussions about the death penalty? What is the
purpose of a system of capital punishment?