East Asian Languages and Cultures | Teaching Chinese Language
C425 | 28199 | Liu

- This section for undergraduates only
- 3 credits
- Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in C302 or equivalent
proficiency as determined by the EALC placement test

This course is designed to introduce students to the theory and
practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign/second language.  It seeks
to help students gain an understanding of the current issues and
research about Chinese language instruction in the US.  It will also
provide students an opportunity to examine the major approaches in
foreign language pedagogy, discuss their implications for Chinese
language instruction, develop effective techniques in teaching four
skills, and apply acquired knowledge and skills to a real classroom
setting.  There will also be an introduction to special topics such
as teaching culture, teaching learning strategies, content-based
instruction, and assessment of student performance.  Students will
be required to do a concept paper, a class observation report, three
teaching demonstrations and a synthesis/research paper.