East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Japanese
J506 | 28207 | Peterson, J

J506 Literary Japananese I (Graduate)
This section graduate students only
This section meets with EALC-J461
3 credits
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in EALC-J 534/302 or equivalent
proficiency as based on EALC proficiency test

In this introduction to classical Japanese, students will discover
an array of texts from a prolific era in Japanese literature that
produced such classics as The Tale of Genji. The class is geared
toward providing students the skills needed to navigate pre-modern
Japanese in the original. Students will learn the grammar of
classical Japanese by reading excerpts from longer works of prose
and poetry from the mid to late Heian period (early tenth to early
thirteenth centuries). In addition, students will work toward
producing polished English translations of excerpts selected from
such texts as Ise monogatari, Genji monogatari, Yoru no Nezame,
Konjaku monogatari-shű and others depending on students’ interests.
Evaluation of performance will take into account participation in
class discussion, a midterm exam and a final exam.