Folklore | World Arts & Cultures
F121 | 13542 | P. Shukla

Fulfills COLL Social & Historical

Herman B Wells wanted the world to come to Indiana University, and
this course does just that!

Each week the class will take a virtual trip to some part of the
world  including the United States  to explore a different
manifestation of art and culture through festivals and celebrations,
craft, dress, food, pottery, textiles, tattoos, henna, yard art, and
much more.

This course will explore traditional arts, looking at different
mediums of artistic expression, and how people present themselves as
members of groups and as individuals. Throughout the semester, we
will seek to understand the myriad ways in which the arts are
fundamental to human existence: used as a vehicle for the expression
of faith, culture, aesthetics, community, and individuality. No
passport required!