Folklore | Global Pop Music
F252 | 15297 | D. Reed

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities

Congolese rumba. Irish punk. Jewish hip hop. Indian disco. People
around the world have created a rich and fascinating array of
popular music styles. What do these musics sound like, and why? How
might we analyze popular musics in order to better understand
musicians’ motives, intentions, and creative processes? What roles
do these musical styles play in movements for social change? In
revolutions?  As markers of generational, ethnic, racial, religious,
gender, and other identities?  How do meanings associated with
popular musics change over time?  What roles do economics,
globalization, transnational trends, and the music industry
(including the “world music” industry) play in shaping sound and
culture?  Structured thematically, this course will compare and
contrast particular popular musics and explore what the study of
these musics can reveal to us about the people who create and use