Folklore | South American Performance & Culture
F315 | 13798 | J. León

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Culture Studies List A

Above class meets with Folk-F638.

Above class requires the permission of the instructor, contact

This performance based course introduces students to a variety of
musical traditions associated with indigenous, mestizo, criollo and
African diasporic communities of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia,
Chile and Argentina. Students will be introduced to a number of
songs from the region and in the process learn the important role
that performance has in building community and transmitting specific
forms of cultural knowledge. Emphasis will be given to the
development of aural skills, learning the repertoire by ear, and the
use local performance practice techniques. Through a series of in-
class discussions, assigned readings, and an individual research
project, students will also learn about the connections that exist
between the music that they are learning to perform and Andean
cosmology, regional migration, rural and urban social protest
movements, criollo and mestizo working class identity, and the
historical role that descendants of Africans have had in the
development of local forms of expressive culture.

While students do not need to have taken any formal musical training
(music theory, musicianship, ability to read Western notation, etc.)
to take this class, a basic level of musical proficiency is
required. All students in the class will be expected to sing, play
pan pipes and/or some basic percussion. Individuals with experience
on flute, guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, bass, piano, brass/reed
instruments, and/or hand percussion will learn local performance
practice techniques for their instruments as well as some basic
techniques for playing instruments from the region such as the
quena, charango, tiple, harp and cajón.