Folklore | Making Klezmer Music: East European Jewish Music in Performance
F358 | xxxxx | M. Alpert

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Culture Studies List A

Above class requires authorization: contact

Above class meets at 800 N. Indiana Ave.

I look forward to offering this participatory course for
instrumentalists, vocalists and students of Jewish expressive
culture, focusing on the fundamental repertoire, techniques and
principles of East European Jewish instrumental style from the early
twentieth century. Drawing on my 35 years of performing, researching
and innovating within Yiddish musical traditions, our course will
interweave hands-on performance with unique participatory segments
exploring the history and interpretation of the klezmer/Yiddish
repertoire, including rare archival video and audio recordings of
immigrant-generation performers. We will also visit Hasidic nigunim
and Yiddish folk song as related genres equally important to current
Ashkenazic cultural revitalization and performance.

In the spirit of Jewish culture and learning, we will leave open the
possibility of moving from tradition to innovation. Rooted in the
fundamentals of klezmer music, we can explore adapting and
presenting time-honored traditions in the contemporary contexts of
concert stage, community celebration and identity and artistic
creativity, becoming links in the chain between the generations and
family Ive learned from and those you will pass this tradition on

For all instruments and vocalists, pending audition. Bowed strings,
cymbalom/hammered dulcimer, clarinet, flute, sax, trumpet, trombone
and other brass, accordion, piano, and percussion are particularly
recommended. Performers based in other traditions  especially old-
time American hammered dulcimer players!  are most welcome.