Folklore | Studying Ethnomusicology
F405 | 28266 | D. McDonald

Fulfills COLL Social & Historical

Above class meets at 501 N. Park Ave.

This course introduces students to the field of ethnomusicology
through course readings, lectures, discussions, and applied
fieldwork activities.  Emphasizing the examination of music in its
relations to larger social and cultural processes, this course is
designed for students interested in the study of music in human life
around the world. Over the course of the semester we will explore
the intellectual history, major concepts, theoretical approaches,
analytical techniques, and field methodologies inherent to the
discipline of ethnomusicology.  We will also learn about the
diversity of concepts of music and its functions, musical styles,
and contexts of performance through case studies drawn from
different parts of the world.  Students will find opportunities to
pursue their interests in particular world areas (including
Bloomington) through applied topics and fieldwork based research

Students majoring in other departments are welcome, although this
course is designed specifically for majors and minors in Folklore
and Ethnomusicology.  Formal music training is not required. The
course fulfills one of the two 400- level (previously 200-level)
requirements for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department majors and
minors; it also fulfills the COAS Social Sciences distribution