Folklore | Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology
F523 | 7965 | S. Tuohy

This class introduces students to fieldwork and ethnographic
research through reading, conversation, imagination, and practice.
It is designed with an optimistic attitude of integrating the best
of ethnographic history, theory, and practice. Our texts include
readings on ethnographic theory; methods and practical guidebooks
from ethnomusicology as well as from anthropology and folklore;
newer orientations which question the most fundamental aspects of
ethnographic research as it has been conceived and practiced; and
selections from musical ethnographies.

The class will consist of lecture and discussion (primarily the
latter). A fieldwork project, carried out through written
and “practice” assignments, will provide practical fieldwork,
documentation, and writing experience. Short written assignments are
geared to course readings and to stages/components of an
individualized field project. Short final papers will be based on
fieldwork; students also will do in-class presentations on their
results. To facilitate collegial work, several assignments will
involve working with other class members to plan research and
improve written work (collaborative field projects are permitted but
not required).

The course is required for graduate students in the Ethnomusicology
track of the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology but is open
to graduate students in other fields who wish to learn more about
ethnographic theories and practices; our emphasis will be
on “qualitative” research. This section of F523 fulfills one
the “core course requirements” for the Ph.D. minors in the
Ethnomusicology program and for Music School cognates.