Folklore | Irish Music & Culture
F635 | 28271 | D. McDonald

Fulfills Area

Above class meets with Folk-F312.

This course introduces students to the history of Irish music and
culture through a combination of lectures, discussions, and applied
fieldworking activities.  Specifically, this course offers an
introduction to the vocal and instrumental traditions of Irish music
in the context of the Irish diaspora and other Celtic traditions.
Intended for undergraduate and graduate students in music,
ethnomusicology, anthropology, area studies, and folklore this
course brings together case studies on Irish music and culture from
a wide variety of historical, analytical, and ethnographic sources.
Included in this course will be aspects of Irish culture and
history, politics, poetry, dance, and storytelling.  Based on course
readings, lectures, films, and live music
performances/demonstrations students will trace the development of
Irish music and dance from indigenous rural contexts to the
international stage, investigating issues of religion, politics,
nationalism, and globalization.