Germanic Languages | German Literature
G605 | 28289 | Staff

Topic: Ein weites Feld – Produktive Literaturvermittlung im
Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

The field Literaturdidaktik is located between literature, learning
institution (school, university) and educational theories. Teaching
literature to foreign language learners has the potential to
establish links between the foreign language text, literary
tradition, and the learner’s own culture, thus making a significant
contribution to transcultural awareness. The intention of this
course is to familiarize participants with theoretical and practical
considerations of Literturdidaktik. We will discuss principles and
procedures, and examine ways in which literature can become
significant for the reader. Participants will design their own
literature lessons, based on canonical works. These pedagogical
projects will not only enable participants to teach literature more
meaningfully but also give them a competitive edge on a job market
that requires more and more generalists.
The course will be conducted in German.
Required readings
Selected articles and excerpts.