Germanic Languages | Intermediate Norwegian II
K250 | 12106 | May

*This section meets with graduate course K504.

K504 is a fourth semester language course, which will continue to
build on your existing knowledge of Norwegian, strengthening and
expanding the language tools you already possess to make you able to
move beyond the everyday topics and into more specialized areas of
conversation. We will focus on your ability to narrate and describe in
Norwegian, as well as to construct well-rounded paragraphs. Topics of
discussion will include Norwegian geography, history, society, folk
narrative, school-system, food and well-being. We will use mainly
authentic cultural materials. You will be required to do all the
reading at home. Class time will be devoted exclusively to
conversation/discussion and going over specific grammar topics and
exercises. Every third week there will be a quiz on vocabulary and/or
grammar. Weekly essays will also be required. We will start with
short, one-page essays and gradually build to longer 2-3-page
assignments. Two written exams and two oral presentations will count
toward your final grade.

Required books:
A. Ellingsen, Elisabeth og Kirsti Mac Donald. Stein på stein.
Tekstbok. Oslo. Cappelen. 2005. ISBN 9788202242619

B. Ellingsen, Elisabeth og Kirsti Mac Donald. Stein på stein.
Arbeidsbok. Oslo. Cappelen. 2005. ISBN 9788202242626

Publishing, 2004, ISBN 0976307200

Recommended books:
C. Haugen, Einar. Norwegian–English Dictionary. Madison, Wisconsin:
Univ. of Wisconsin Press. ISBN 299038742

D. Janus, Louis. Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar. MacGraw-
Hill. ISBN 084428596X