Global Village Living-Learning Center | Guitar Cultures In The World
G220 | 32404 | Peter Ermey

(3 cr.) (A&H) (TR) (11:15 -1:15 pm) (2nd 8 weeks) Peter Ermey.  The
guitar is one of the most frequently used instruments in the world
today. This cross-cultural popularity makes the guitar a unique
starting point for understanding relationships between globalization
and cultural identity. In this course, we will follow the history of
the guitar as it has traveled around the world and been adopted into
the musical lives of people from different cultures. We will ask
questions relating to the guitar’s significance as both a material
artifact and as a vehicle for musical expression. In this way, we
will begin to understand how the guitar acts as a unique focus for
the images, sounds and styles people use to define new cultural
territories and the ways in which globalization has both positively
and negatively affected humanity. This course will combine lectures,
readings, class discussions, in-class demonstrations, field trips
and analytical writing. No previous musical experience is required.